Temporary Jobs

Have Time For Short Jobs? 

​A temporary job typically lasts anytime from 1 day all the way to 6 months. Temp jobs are different from Contract jobs, where the latter usually is longer term, fixed duration (i.e. 6/12 consecutive months), and comes with employment benefit mandated by local employment law. A temporary job is also popular amount young people such as students, as well as homemakers, professionals who are in between jobs, or just someone who prefers the flexibility it offers. 

Intellisearch Outsourcing Division handles around 120,000 hours of temporary job placements every calendar month in Singapore. Our area of specialty is in industries such as Education, F&B, Corporate Support (i.e. Temp Admin/Accountants) and Event Management. 

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Temporary Part-time Job Openings:

  • Banquet & F&B Servers
  • Event Coordinator/Runner
  • Office Administrator
  • Telesales Assistant

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