5 Cost-Free Ways to make Employees Happier

5 Cost-Free Ways to make Employees Happier

01 Oct 18:00 by Zac Ng


5 Cost-Free Ways to make Employees Happier

1. Always say Thank You

Employees are intangible assets of the organisation as every individual is unique which makes them irreplaceable; however they do become dissatisfied with their jobs and might eventually leave. There are a few possibilities of their leave which excludes the factor of leaving entirely due to money. It can be inability to work well with their boss, not engaged in the workplace or having a feeling that their learning has ceased. Giving thanks cost nothing but providing important recognition for a job well done which would boost workplace morale. Treating every employee with the respect and appreciation needed increases productivity. Appreciating them with these two words can in turn promote a positive environment for the company which prevents them from harping on material benefits. Hence motivates them to come to work each single day rather than dreading.

2. Rethink that email

Small-business employees do receive lots of emails at any time of the day even after working hours as they are constantly connected via their smartphones. With this, they feel obliged to reply to not seem as though they are ignoring it. By receiving too much email at once, it does affect productivity at some point of time as every email is considered a priority. In order to have fewer emails answered, managers would have to label each messages as “urgent” if there is a need.

3. Offer Responsibility

While some enjoy the thrill of a challenge, some would become perfect team players. Responsibility should be offered to those who yearns it as they would be more motivated to take it on. Giving those who prefer working in a team to do so as assigning such roles for those who does not want it may result in unfavourable circumstances.

4. Let Employees be in charge of themselves

Most employees desire a degree of freedom and need not be constantly harped on. When overdone, it can result in discouragement. By allowing employees to be in charge of their workload, they will be able to achieve their personal goals and help maintain a positive environment in the office.

5. Get People Conversing

Having to work for 8 hours, it can be refreshing to talk about something non-work related and also to be able to look at something that is not a screen. Having breaks for light- hearted conversations to occur can brighten up the dull nature of workplace.