Is upgrading yourself important?

Is upgrading yourself important?

09 Mar 13:00 by Jowell Low


Learning is a never-ending journey; therefore staying relevant is important.

Some have misconceptions on upgrading themselves as they believed that their learning ended after graduation or they felt age was a barrier. Self-upgrading has nothing to do with age as there are no limitations in learning. Sometimes the more one learns, the more one realises what they don't know. With improvements made by learning and growing increases your value and worth. This allows one to showcase their talent through application of gained knowledge.


Why Upgrade?

  1. To keep up-to-date

Equipping yourself with new skill-sets constantly can allow you to stay current in this fast paced world. With this, your caliber grants you the command of a reasonable pay that allows you to advance up your career path with lesser difficulty using your new skills. You would not reach the point of stagnation where everything remains the same, if that happens; eventually you will deteriorate in the long run.


  1. Impresses Employers

Individuals impress their employers when they take the initiative to improve and develop them. This indicates these individuals are forward-thinking thus deemed these new trainings become necessary for future benefits of the organization.  It demonstrates character and shows the dedication they put in acquiring the new skill.  As such, self-upgrading can assist in meeting employers’ expectations.


How to upgrade?

  1. Online Courses

Getting a Master's degree or a PhD aren't the only solution; additionally it costs lots more than an average online course. Such courses can serve as a platform to gain a new skill or simply to brush-up on the old-ones. Platforms that anyone can tap on are LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy and more. Some of these courses include learning a new language and web development.

  1. SkillsFuture

The Singapore government implemented the SkillsFuture initiative to encourage lifelong learning. This initiative includes subsidies courses and study awards not just for graduates but mid-career professionals as well. With such incentives and assistance, you can upgrade yourself without spending a bomb.

  1. Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

The WSQ system develops, evaluates and certifies the skills, which employers have validated. They offer trainings in both technical and soft skills which are definitely useful to boost employability. Modules offered are catered for individuals to learn at their own pace.