Essential Soft Skills [Employers want to see]

Essential Soft Skills [Employers want to see]

03 Mar 14:00 by Jowell Low


#1: Time Management

Having good time management demonstrates the ability to prioritise tasks and assignments given, thus being able schedule them without compromising work quality. Employers would not be impressed even if one commits their entire day on a task as this does not reflect maximum efficiency. Therefore providing examples on your abilities related to time management during interviews or highlighting a few accomplishments in your resume, would serve as a good indicator to employers of your competence.

For those who are new to the workforce without much work experience, illustrating commitments to Co-curricular activities and past part-time work experiences would come in handy as well.


#2: Teamwork

It involves collaboration with different individuals to work towards a common goal. In order to improve team performance, at times individual efforts may not be enough therefore having a well-managed team can be beneficial as it maximizes everyone’s strengths. Working effectively with one another creates good synergy through the sharing of experiences, insights as well as knowledge that every individual has. It is important to demonstrate the ability to work with others in a professional environment as you would want to be recognized for someone who gets along with your colleagues.   


#3: Problem Solving Skills

Understanding the situation when it arises is crucial to implement a solution. Knowing how to take action whenever there is a problem, makes you indispensable to your employer. It means that you are able to navigate your way out of the issue using your analytical skills. It is this kind of approach that would eventually improve the organization that employers are looking for. 

Having experiences where you were required to prove your adaptability and coming up with intelligent solutions may place you on the upper hand during job interviews. It is necessary to explain your role in that situation and how it created a positive impact on your team, in addition to your effective teamwork.


#4: Interpersonal and Communication Skills

These skills mean being able to interact with other, be it a group or individually. With good interpersonal skills, you’re perceived positively to be someone approachable. With good communication skills, your thoughts and ideas are conveyed with clarity therefore easily understood by your peers. These skills can be easily demonstrated during interviews through non-verbal communication and impressions that you give your interviewer. Appearing confident with a smile and speaking positively would serve as a way to indicate the skills you hold.