Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

18 Feb 14:00 by Jowell Low


Your resume represents you, it’s a summary of your life profile that someone else will be reading. It determines your chances in making that good first impression just with a piece of paper. However you still got to make it as perfect as possible because most likely there would be many others who are seeking the same job as you. Here are a few tips to guide you:


#1 State your objectives

Before you put ink to paper, you need to determine what your objectives are. You should know what jobs you are applying for and what your strongholds are over others applying too. Research widely on the aptitudes and characteristics the jobs are seeking from you. Make a list of all the qualities you have that are unique to you and considered very valued by the company. Those will be at the top of your list, including the experiences that stand out. Always give substantial proof of your achievements such as through your certificates and awards.

#2 Length is not always important

Having a wordier resume does not equate to you getting that job. Let your hiring manager know that you’re professional by getting straight to the point. Include information that they would want to know as accurately as possible.

#3 Having a presentable format

Selecting a format for your resume might be the easiest thing to do but if done wrongly, your resume may just be a flop. Use readable fonts that are easy to go through. It would be great to use bulletin points to keep your statements short and precise. The colour scheme of your resume should ensure professionalism.