Personal Branding on Social Media

Personal Branding on Social Media

27 Feb 12:00 by Jowell Low


Everyone carries their own brand even if you think you’re at the lower end of the food chain. When you become aware of your social media presence, it illustrates the effort you put in, to present yourself well to others. How you interact with your clients or business partners through online interaction affects their perception of you as well. The best thing about social media branding – you determine what you want others to view you. Social media has become an everyday platform that the public has access to; therefore getting information about you is easy.


Why create a Personal brand?

Network. Using social presence allows you to establish a strong network by building up your connections throughout your career. With these connections that you can leverage on, it becomes easier when searching for resources when needed.

Job security. Job scopes and tasks can change frequently. At times, you might just decide to leave the company and move on. Your personal brand would be the one giving you the reassurance as it has your credentials, and how you carry yourself being reflected there as well. This becomes your “back-up support” available 24/7.


How to build a strong branding?

  1. Figure yourself out

This means that you have to understand what you stand for, the things that you do and how does it stand out. While going with the public’s request and changing your stand for them seems to be the right way but be confident in your beliefs. The latter will guide you in the long run.

  1. Authentic

There should be no reasons for you to fake your brand on social media just to look good. Nowadays, with current technology it is easy to identify fake profiles on the web. Hence be genuine about the brand persona you create, include your hobbies if need to.

  1. A good professional profile photo

First impressions are critical as it reveals if the other party is interested to get to know you or not. Your profile image should truly represent how you look like in reality instead of getting an edited image of you just to look attractive. To prove your seriousness in your personal branding, your photo has to be consistent in all your professional accounts. With such consistency, your photo becomes a constant that people spot for as it brings a sense of familiarity.