Internal or Outsourced Hiring

Internal or Outsourced Hiring

08 Jan 08:00 by Zac Ng


Many a times, HR leaders in organisations face dilemma over whether to hire direct through various channels, or via external recruiters. On one hand, a shoestring budget somehow limits your options, but on the other, the position has been vacant for an unhealthy six months. Depending on your situation at the point of decision, here are some pointers to note if engaging a recruitment agency is one of your options. 


Having an HR consultant can provide strategic advice on HR solutions for the organisations in their daily operations. This is especially beneficial for SMEs who do not have a specialised HR department in their organisations. Therefore they can opt to tap on external outsourcing firms for professional help as HR consultants would have their own knowledge and expertise in the best HR practices. These consultants are specially trained in their own trade to serve clients with top-notch services and reassuring clients by providing relevant advice and counsel.

Also, an external recruiter often deal with HR processes more effectively – especially when it comes to the multiple different HR functions such as recruitment, compensation and benefits administration, employee regulations, employee handbooks and occupational health and safety, etc.


An external recruiter has to the latest tools and technology. The most innovative HR-services recruiter will be up on the latest technology, such as big-data mining, analytics, virtual workforce leadership, cloud technology and social media, and will often know how to exploit them to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Furthermore, an external recruiter often have a pool of resumes already on hand, thereby allowing companies to have more potential candidates to choose from and find one that is fitting.

Employee Satisfaction

The quality of service your external recruiter provides will directly impact employee satisfaction. The reason being, if the recruiter fails to understand the company’s viewpoint accurately, they would not be able notify potential candidates of certain important aspects of the organisation which may cause misunderstandings. With a good external recruiter, both clients and candidates are able to reach common ground on their priorities and needs before the next interview. Hence providing a better match-up between client and candidates, thus leading to contented hires with higher productivity and lower company turnover rates.

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