Strategize Your Job Search

Strategize Your Job Search

06 Jan 08:00 by Zac Ng


A job search process can be a pleasant one, if a candidate begins with the end in mind. The following are some tips on how candidates can strategize to avoid hiccups along the way. 

1. Start with yourself

Understanding yourself is the key to an effective job search. Start looking through your interests, skills, achievements, experiences attained goals and values that motivate you. Identify the factor that makes you unique to sell yourself to future employers with confidence. With greater understanding of oneself, it becomes simple and clear to communicate with others about your “dream” job. 

2. The right match

The right match for you may not the right match for others; everyone is gifted with their own set of talents and skills. Therefore nobody would know the type of career you are looking for if you don’t wish pursue it. If you have a goal to attain a large salary, then you should focus on paths that usually pay higher salaries. Aim to align your skills, interests, and values with your career choice. Find out what business interests you the most before narrowing down your choices in search of open positions that fit your criteria.

3. Networking

It should be the core of your job search strategy. Looking around for a job is never easy and it doesn’t have to be done alone. Using the connections available around you, for example, your friends and relatives can be an excellent source in securing your future job. By letting them know there you’re actively in search of a suitable job, they might just have the connections you need about certain job openings that are not widely advertised. If you prefer to rely on yourself, you can opt to join professional organisation, signing up for job search alerts and participate in online discussion boards.

Now is the time to broaden your network (even if you are not currently looking for a new job). You never know when such connections may come in handy, so make every effort to grow it.

4. Get Professional Help

One excellent resource for job leads are employment agencies. There are various personnel who are well-versed in the different industries, thus able to recommend you the job that suits you the most. Some agencies even have great connections with MNCs where certain openings are given exclusively to them. It is crucial to understand the jobs offered and the employers before applying to any of them, and a recruiter can advise.

While most organizations receive their fees from employers, some will seek money from job seekers. So be careful, and make sure you know who's paying the bill. If you’re interested in the services of an agency, investigate it carefully. Determine what the agency will do for you and how much it will cost.