• "Such A Gem To Work With"

    Hi Katherine, thank you so much for being such a great agent and friend to me, you never gave up on me and I know I was a rather difficult candidate to please. You have such determination and you were persistent on finding me a place that I am comfortable and agreeable to work at. You were still working hard for me even though you were on vacation and even on sick leave. You, not even once, showed any signs of negativeness but gave me such positive vibes even when I almost wanted to call it quits. 

    Thank you for all your efforts and hard work, you are such a gem to work with. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. I am so bless to receive that phone call from you a few months back.

    I am ever so grateful.
    Warmest regards,
    Zuzana Amat

    Zuzana Amat, Candidate (June 2018), Honey Bee
  • "Quick and Effective Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions"

    Intellisearch has always provided us with quick and effective human resource outsourcing solutions, specifically temporary and contract staffing. Throughout the years of our business relationship, Intellisearch has been able to effectively solve some of our pain points, including our last minute staff shortage, lack of qualified talents, as well as being able to supplement our talent acquisition effort to meet our organizational goals.

    Christine, HR Manager (Feb 2018), Education Group (Singapore)
  • "Strong Capability in HR Outsourcing"

    We would like to take this opportunity to give reference to our vendor Intellisearch for their strong capability in HR outsourcing which my company has recently benefited. Intellisearch came in soon after our incorporation, helping us in terms of recruitment solution which weve selectively chosen due to lack of credible resources on our end. Thank you Intellisearch. 

    Wei Yee, Managing Director (Dec 2017), Accounting Firm
  • "Think From Their Client's Perspective"

    Our company, established in 1986, used our vendor Intellisearch's services this year and we are very satisfied with their excellent service. They have continued to build a very strong relationship with us throughout the entire process, even before hiring of General Manager began. Intellisearch has also continued to provide customized valuable advices to our organization. They have also performed high quality service by providing top quality candidates that fully meet our organization's needs as well as our special requirements. As this is for a Government project, the candidate was not only selected by our organization, but also by the Government body. 

    Intellisearch was also willing to think from their client's perspective by helping us to reduce our budget by being flexible with their service fee and payment term. We would like to take this opportunity to give recommendation and support for Intellisearch to strengthen their domain capabilities to further benefit enterprises like ours.

    Ms Chen (Nov 2017), Trade Association (Singapore)