Work-Life Consultancy Grant – Employers

Up to $160,000 Work-Life Consultancy Grant

Purpose of the grant:

  1. To encourage organisations to adopt employee-friendly work-life policies in the organisation
  2. To improve employee satisfaction and thus performance at work and in other areas of their life
  3. To create a happier workplace for employees to grow and contribute to

Benefits of the consultancy:

  1. Cash rewards from the grant
  2. Attract and retain good employees
  3. Improved employee satisfaction and work performance

You are eligible for the grant if your company:

  1. is a legally registered private institution in Singapore
  2. has at least 5 full-time employees
  3. is willing to explore and adopt flexible work arrangements for your employees

There are 2 components to this grant:

  1. Developmental Grant - $20,000 cash grant and up to $20,000 on reimbursement basis
  2. FWA Incentive - Up to $120,000 cash grant

Application deadline: 30th March 2017

We partner experienced consultants who will be able to provide more details on the program, and also customize the project to suit your business needs.

As preparation time is required before the application can be submitted, please get in touch with us early to avoid missing the application deadline.

For more information on how this grant will benefit your company, please contact Zac Ng (Consulting Manager) at (65) 6220-2775 for more information.