Life at Intellisearch

The efforts of talented and committed people is what makes companies successful. Intellisearch is a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment that is driven by excellence, result, and the passion to serve. Individuals are empowered to think 'out of the box', go the extra mile, and make suggestions that improves processes and approaches - of which all are highly valued and often acted on.

Career Progression

There's a popular analogy that is akin to comparing employment in organizations of different sizes: Join a big company and you'll be a small part to the big machine. Join a small company and you'll have a better chance of being an all-rounder.

Indeed at Intellisearch, team members gradually get to learn the ropes of one another and be one such all-rounder so that clients continuously get served, regardless of availability. Everyone in the company also gets to do some sharing of both professional and personal experiences during some of our scheduled meetings, which is reciprocated by valuable advice from fellow team members.

Being a boutique recruitment firm with an eye for ambitious growth, we quite want like-minded individuals with strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion to serve to come together and be part of our collective big story in the very near future. Let's progress.

Rewards and Incentives

Each consultant is offered a competitive basic remuneration, in addition to a variable component which is linked to your personal as well as team performances, not to also mention various team cohesion events and incentive trips, which are a norm in our work-hard-play-hard culture!

Have what it takes?

Generally, if you do believe and have the crucial aspect of character- never mind your lack/surplus of skills, experience or qualifications - we welcome you to be a part of us! Our New Employee Orientation includes a comprehensive scheduled training, and all the while being exclusively mentored one-to-one by an experienced leader to ensure you get up to mark (or better) towards the end of your probation.

Believe that you can do, and you will. So make a lasting impact on yourself today - view our internal openings here.