Finding a job can be a real hassle, not to say sometimes frustrating, especially when you've not gotten a job for months or been stuck in a job for so long you almost think you'll be there till retirement age comes. We understand all these common problems candidates face, whether or not you are in or out of the job market.

Here at Intellisearch, we do offer a range of affordable services for candidates who feel they want professional advice to gain perspective from our senior recruiters.

Our recruiters consult on the following matters:

Career Guidance

Just as you would for marriage or psychological counselling, our consultant would assist to map out your career history and make use of certain indicators (such as your experience, passion, ideals, rationale, character and/or situation) to advice on your career progression path, or in the case if you are out of the job market, advices you on career development and exploration.

This service would involve 2 separate appointments; the first for initial consultation for mapping purpose, and the second to collect your 2-page report with an analysis and suggestions by the consultant.


Curriculum Vitae (CV) Consultancy

What best attracts the recruiter's attention and what not? In any job search process, unless your resume shines with gleaming past experience, network, memberships, and educational qualification, chances are that your profile would earn that mere 5-second glance, sometimes less. Hence we would advise you, over the session, what and how to avoid common mistakes that many candidates unknowingly make that 'kills' their chance the moment the recruiter opens a profile. Or never at all.

Candidates are first advised to search the internet on this topic before deciding whether to come to us for a specific and one-to-one guidance. The key take away of this session would be the valuable perspective of a recruiter in terms of the selection process, the 'desires' in an applicant's profile, exclusion or inclusion of information, and a final CV for your subsequent use.

For enquiry, kindly email us at, stating the type of service that you wish to enquire. For a more effective response, it would be good if you attach an updated CV for our reference.

Alternatively, Contact Us here.