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Intellisearch is a boutique recruitment agency with a good track record of serving the talent needs of both large and small businesses since 2014. We have a dedicated team of HR Researchers and Recruitment Consultants who work diligently to serve your business to meet the specific operational requirements.

At Intellisearch, our purpose is to identify opportunities for both companies and individuals; the opportunities that see a candidate develop himself in his desired job, and connecting our client organization to the right talent with a right job fit.

And by so doing, we become an organization of happy people who are capable of serving both our candidates and clients to the best of our ability, from the bottom of our heart.

See also: Our full range of Business Services which include Payroll, Compensation & Benefit, Outplacement, 3rd-Party Exit Interview, Detailed Reference Checks/Total Individual Background Check, Work Visa (Employment Pass), Corporate/Individual Relocation, among other suite of comprehensive services that you may require.


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